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This life is not perfect and so are we. It’s important to learn how to forgive yourself and get up after falling. No one and nothing can change our value.

1. Bring garlic and exchange gold

The story goes that a merchant brought two sacks of garlic to the village, where people had never seen garlic. They are extremely excited and bring gold exchanged garlic. So the trader earned two bags of gold.

Another trader heard that and brought two bags of onions there, the people there saw the onion more and more interested. They thought using gold could not fully express their affection for the trader, so they brought two valuable sacks of garlic to the trader.

Lesson of life: After reading the story, many people laugh. But after the laughter, they quickly contemplate the meaning behind it: People who seize the opportunity first will grasp the gold, the followers will probably receive garlic! The reward belongs to the knower: Go one step ahead! The rich are always better than us at this point.

2. Send $ 500 to Rolls-Royce

A boss who went to a Wall Street bank borrowed $ 500 for two weeks. The lender must have a mortgage and he uses the Rolls-Royce car parked at the door as collateral. Bank staff put the car into the warehouse and carry out loan procedures.

Two weeks later, he went to the bank to pay, the interest was only 15 USD. The bank employee discovered that there were several hundred thousand in his account, and immediately asked the customer why he wanted to borrow money. He said: “The $ 2 two-week parking fee, on Wall Street is nowhere to be found.”

Lesson of life: People still say “more human than the head”, it’s not wrong! The farthest distance between the elites and the poor may lie in the word “thinking”.

Not only need to “brainstorm” to think of ways to make money, you also have to be mindful of using the following money for the most reasonable and economical way to get rich soon.

3. Lazy horse

Two horses each carrying a cart. One went fast, the other was walking while messing around with the grass. The owner saw that and brought the entire rear cargo forward. The horse in the back laughed: “Ha ha! The more effort you make, the more you will be damned!”.

Who would have thought that the owner would then think, “One horse is enough to pull a cart, why should I raise two?”

Later the lazy horse was slaughtered. This is the lazy horse effect in economics.

Lesson of life: Let others feel that even if you exist without it is okay, the day you are kicked away will not be far away. When you go to work, if you cannot show your superior and the company your value, do not expect to receive adequate remuneration, not to mention losing your job like playing. Before claiming benefits, devote.

4. How do I buy a BMW?

A satisfactory computer costs up to 30 million, while his monthly salary is only around 6 million. The wife, knowing the intention of her husband, rolled her eyes and said: “You are crazy, if you buy, we will divorce”.

He sadly asked a friend what to do and received a “bucket of cold water”: “I don’t deserve that computer because I like it and I don’t have the courage to pursue it later.” What can we do in this society? ”

He bit his teeth to buy. Because in order to repay his debt, he never stopped working, plowing day and night. Finally, within a month, he paid all the money in arrears. The wife also does not because of his madness that requires divorce.

After that, his wife led him to the car-buying place, saying: “Darling, we can borrow money to buy a BMW.” He was very panicked, thinking that his wife was crazy. But then, a year later he paid off his BMW loan.

Lesson of life: Of course, this story does not advise you to “just buy it and then pay back the debt”, it just wants to remind you that, if you do not have the courage to pursue what you like, you certainly will not be successful.

5. Farmers “poor and poor”

See that farmer forever poor poor k
well, the neighbor next door offered support. He asked the farmer: “Do you grow barley, do I have seeds?”

The farmer: “No, I’m afraid it won’t rain.”

The other asked, “So do you plant cotton?”

Farmers: “No, I’m afraid insects will eat all the flowers”.

The other asked, “What do you plant?”

Farmers: “No planting anything, I have to ensure safety.”

The neighbor who heard the answer shook his head and left.

Life lesson: A person who does not dare to take risks and face challenges, does not seek to overcome and overcome difficulties, but the first thought is always “giving up”, will certainly do nothing.

8. The 100 dollar bill

During the lecture, the professor opened the lecture by holding up a $ 100 note and asking, “If I gave this $ 100 to one of you, would anyone like to receive it?” Many arms were raised in the hall.

Professor continues: “I will gave it for someone, but wait for me to do this. ”He crumpled up the dollar and then asked,“ Anyone else want to take it? ”Many arms were still raised. pedaling mercilessly, he picked up the now crumpled and dirty bill, and asked, “Is there anyone else who wants to get this $ 100?” Many hands still held up.

At this point, the new professor spoke softly: “Have you experienced this valuable lesson? Even if the money is trampled or crumpled, you still want it because its value does not change. or cut it down. It’s still a 100 dollar bill. ”

Lesson of life: Whether the stream of life throws you to the ground, crumbles and makes you weak or scared, never lose yourself.

7. When it rains

Three people left the house, one carrying an umbrella, one holding a cane, one walking bare-handed.

When returning, the one holding the umbrella was soaked wet, the one holding the cane against injuries, the other one was okay.

The thing is, when the rain came, the man with a parachute walked, but he was wet; When walking on muddy roads, people with walking sticks recklessly walk, and repeatedly fall. He had nothing in his hand, when it rained, he stayed, when the road was bad, he walked very carefully, and in the end it was okay.

Lesson of life: Many times we are not defeated by deficiencies, but by our advantages. It would be foolish not only to not take advantage of you but also to be subjective to failure.

8. Beat his wife

A family with three sons, they lived when their parents argued all day long, their mother often injured herself. Elder said: “Poor mother! He will later be good to his wife.”

The second brother said: “Real marriage means nothing, when you grow up you will definitely not get married!”

The youngest brother said: “Originally, a husband could beat his wife like this!”.

Life lesson: Even though the circumstances are the same, different ways of thinking will affect different lives. Right and positive thinking will guide you to a better future.

9. Wild boars and wild horses

Wild boars and wild horses eat grass together, wild boars often do bad things, not to step on green grass, it also muddles water.

Very angry horse, a revenge, immediately went to find hunters to help. The hunter said he would agree if the horse let him ride. So the hunter rode and hunted the boar, and then led the horse to the barn at the barn, the horse lost its original freedom.

Life lesson: You do not easily forgive others, you will only bring yourself tired and annoying things. And then finally, again binding yourself in invisible barriers.

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