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Eagles are sometimes described as a villain by “fierce appearance” and the ability to hunt very drastically. But deep down in them are the qualities of intelligence and bravery that each of us should learn.

Principle 1: Eagles fly alone at very high altitudes

Eagles do not fly with sparrows and other smaller birds such as geese and ducks. The fact that eagles choose their own way, dodging sparrows and crows on the flight teaches us that it doesn’t have to be like everyone else, we can be different. At the same time, you need to learn how to stay away from objects that always hinder, hold on or affect your work and life.

Principle 2: Focus on your prey despite a great distance

While flying at remarkable heights, the eagle also has very far vision, its eyes are capable of focusing on prey at a distance of 5 km. Once a prey is discovered from a distance, even just a rodent, it will focus and devote its absolute focus to the prey, thereby establishing an approach to capture it. bait there. No problem can hinder or change the target’s eagle until it catches its prey. If you have a clear goal, plan and work on it until you achieve the desired results. The more risky the goal is, but the more the risk, the greater the success.

Principle 3: Do not eat the dead

Other than vultures – a species that often eats dead, rotten animals. The eagle never eats dead things but prefers hunting and eating when its prey is fresh. We must always remember that many of the things that exist within us will age and become outdated, so always refresh ourselves by learning and constantly changing for the better.

Principle 4: Not afraid of storms

When the gray clouds arrived, all the other birds were usually hidden in the leaves, branches, tree hollings … then the eagle flew to the top of the mountain to stand tall. And when the storm comes, the eagle will take advantage of the power of the storm to bring its wings soaring high into the sky. For eagles, the storm is not an ominous but leverage, an opportunity to consolidate more power to dominate the sky.
Life will have difficulties and obstacles, whether we can take advantage to transform and lift ourselves to a new level? Turn the storms of life into convenience and enjoy the fruits reaped through challenges.

Principle 5: Don’t put your trust in uncertainty

An eagle always has a test before it has faith in another, even with a partner. When a female eagle encounters a male and the two want to mate, the female flies to the ground to steal a dry twig and flies back into the air, and when she reaches the desired height she will drop the branch. , then the branch fell free and the male will chase this branch. The male releases himself faster than the free-falling branch, catching the branch before letting it fall to the ground and bringing the branch back to the female eagle. The female eagle continues to steal this branch and fly up to a higher level and drop the branch again to let the male chase. This goes on for hours, with the height increasing until the female eagle is assured that the male eagle is committed to mastering the art of retrieving the tree branch before the female will allow it. Males mate with it.
In your personal or professional life, you will have to build networks of relationships. Putting trust in the right place as well as the commitment of partners helps us to have a happy life, successful work.

Principle 6: Promote children’s independent development

To prepare for spawning, the male and female eagles come to nest on a very high level, often on cliffs, where no predators can attack and harm the nest. OK. Both will divide the task of raising, protecting the flock, the females have the task of laying eggs and protecting them while the male builds nests and hunts for prey. To teach the children to fly, the mother eagle will throw them out of the nest, the young ones will panic
So immediately jumped back into the nest. The mother eagle will remove the soft lining of the nest, retain the bare thorns, and continue throwing the offspring. When the young eagles jumped back into the nest, they were stabbed with a thorn and bleed, forcing it to jump out of the nest again. Completing that lesson, the mother eagle will push the children out of the cliff into the air, when they cry out in fear, the father’s eagle catches them back before falling to the ground. This lesson will be practiced continuously until the little eagle acquires knowledge and begins to flap its wings.
Our family life seems like heaven, smooth and comfortable but still can contain thorns. The thorns of life teach us that we need to leave our home, learn, develop and create an independent life. Those who truly love will not let us become weak, lazy to work, they can push us into a difficult path, thanks to that growth and prosperity. Even in actions, they seem to want to cause difficulties but actually are the good intentions they have for us.

Principle 7: Be willing to change to be strong.

In the bird world, eagles are the oldest species. They can live to 70 years.
At the age of 40, the eagle’s long and flexible talons began to age and were no longer able to grab prey for food. The long and sharp beak became weak, almost touching the breast. The wings become heavy and old, because their feathers are both long and thick, consuming a lot of energy when it takes off.
At this point, the eagle has only two options: either lying down to die or having to go through a painful process of change lasting 5 months. They have to make a new nest on the top of the mountain. First, the eagle will smash into a rocky cliff until its quarry breaks off, then quietly wait until the new mine grows out. Then he’ll use the new beak to pluck out all his old claws. As new claws grew, the eagle began to pluck away the old feathers. And after 5 months, the eagle can begin the wonderful gliding flight of the revival and continue the brave journey for another 30 years.
Completely breaking out the old-fashioned to build a trendy new process, the decision to change is scary, but once you change it, you can continue to operate for decades. Be strong and resilient, do not be afraid to face suffering and challenges to be revived and continue to fly higher, fly further. Can you be as brave as an eagle?