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The Rothschild family, Germany is famous for being the richest man in the history of the world. The Rothschild family’s holdings hold so much that they cannot be counted. No one knows the exact number, but according to sources, this family’s wealth ranges from 350 to 1,000 billion dollars.

Rich and powerful, this family still leaves the lessons of enrichment which still remain intact to this day. As early as the 19th century, the Rothschild family had summarized 5 principles to become richer.

1. Associate with the rich and powerful

Mayer Amschel-Rothschild – who laid the foundations for the prosperity of the Rothschild family once sold jewelry to wealthy families in Hesse. Very quickly, the Rothschild ancestors associated with the Crown Prince Wilhelm. This intelligent “move” of Mayer Amschel-Rothschild has helped him and his family take a long step on the path to power and wealth. Thanks to the good relationship with Prince Wilhelm, the Rothschild ancestor started to cooperate in banking service business.

From the principles of the Rothschild family, you need to know how to connect with the right people to get rich. Making friends with people who can help you at work will greatly shorten the journey to success for you.

2. Focus on providing services and finance to the rich

The business philosophy of selling to the rich and powerful people has been implemented by the Rothschild family since the early days when the ancestor of Mayer Amschel started his business selling jewelry. Later, when the family switched to other forms of business, this philosophy was still strictly adhered to by the Rothschild members.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, when Germany was in a fierce battle, the Rothschild family bank served its distinguished guests. With the huge loans provided to the German government, the Rothschilds turned the state apparatus, even the kings into loyal customers of the bank.

3. Control and dominate supply and demand

During World War, not only Germany but many countries in Western Europe had a great financial need. The enormous cost of war that many Western European countries owe to them is due to a loan from the Rothschild family bank. By associating with the leaders, the Rothschild family gradually became the only one to provide financial resources to the warring parties. Serving on both sides helped Rothschild control supply and demand, create demand and respond himself.

Want to get rich, especially in business, try to understand the tastes of customers, know control and dominate their needs so that they can meet well. That is the business philosophy drawn from the 3rd principle of the Rothschild family.

4. Have reliable allies

The reason the Rothschild family expanded is because Mayer Amschel has assigned five children to expand the family’s banking business. Each child is assigned to the appropriate task. It was the creation of reliable allies that helped the Rothschild family’s business flow smoothly, bringing huge profits.

In any job, you can only succeed when you receive help from someone close. So when starting a career, choose carefully who will accompany you. Because only the people you trust can help you succeed.

5. Confidentiality

Modesty and secrecy are the immutable principles of the Rothschild family. Their deals are closed without anyone knowing. Even how huge this family’s fortune is remains a mystery for years. One can only guess about the complete fortune of not knowing the exact number. It was an expression of the modesty of the richest German family.

Like the Rothschilds, you just need to work hard to make money, not be too ostentatious with others about your work. Even when you become rich, learn to be humble, to keep your voice as private as the family
Rothschild has been doing it for hundreds of years.

To get what it is today, the Rothschild family has put a lot of effort. Members with a keen business mind have risen to become the wealthiest, most powerful clan in world history. In addition to the huge fortune estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars, the Rothschild family also makes many people admire the lessons of how to get rich still intact to this day.